Top tips for re-opening after lockdown.

As the country, and more specifically the retail and hospitality sectors ready themselves to open back up and begin working towards some form of normality, we’ve scrutinised the new roadmap and put together a few tips and a bit of a checklist to hopefully offer some guidance to those wondering whether they’ve ticked all the boxes before opening back up.

Social Distancing. 

As we move through the phases of the new government roadmap, ‘hands, face, space’ will be prominent throughout and is probably the main thing for you to consider. The concept of social distancing will be in place until at least step 4, which will begin no earlier than June 21st. There are a number of ways to comply with social distancing measures and really it all depends on what your business requires, however as a rule of thumb, you want to make sure that no staff or customers come closer than 2m to each other. 1m is allowed with risk mitigations or where 2m isn’t possible, but work towards 2m as much as possible.

A few examples of social distancing measures are:

  • Introducing a one-way system, outlined with posters, floor stickers or tape. 
  • Promoting a one in one out policy.
  • Using free-standing screens to create a physical barrier. 
  • Using counter screens at checkouts or reception areas. 
  • Re-shuffle your layout to avoid bottlenecks.

Other tips and checklist:

  • Clearly displayed signage & posters inside and out, outlining the policies and offering guidance for customers and visitors on what to expect on your premises. 
  • Create physical barriers in high-traffic areas.
  • Advise customers to not touch or handle products they arent purchasing.
  • Close any fitting rooms or if providing clothing for keyworkers, clean between use.
  • Screens at checkout or reception areas. 
  • Promote contactless payment.
  • Place sanitiser stations on entry, exit and near staffrooms and washrooms. 
  • Provide suitable PPE for your staff and replace it regularly.

As we primarily work in retail, we’ve been keeping really close to the new roadmap, so drop us a message if you’d like to have a chat about how to get your business ready to re-open.

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