Keep your pride & joy smelling better for longer

The AROMA Misting device is the first of its kind and has been specially developed to keep your car smelling of your favourite fragrance for long periods of time. When turned on, the device intermittently delivers a gentle mist of the perfume mix into the air. A sleek and elegant replacement for traditional air fresheners.

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As the availability of key products such as sneeze guards and sanitiser units has begun to dwindle, it’s only right that we do our bit to ease the strain to help the nation’s shops, workplaces and public spaces become safer once again. We’re producing innovative solutions that are made to not only deal with the immediate threat of contamination but to offer a long-term solution that supports a new way of living post-COVID-19, meaning that your investment isn’t lost.

Infuzion AROMA

Experience a revolutionary way to keep your car smelling better for longer. The Infuzion AROMA is the perfect product for those who love their cars. It makes an excellent gift and includes 6 specially selected fragrances, mounting accessories and USB-C charging cable. 



Includes 6 Specially Selected Fragrances

Popular designer fragrances and comforting home scents are the inspiration behind the range of 6 specially crafted fragrances.

Two Automatic Firing Modes

When turned on the device can either automatically fire every 5 or 10 minutes, it will continue to fire for 2 hours or until turned off.


USB-C charging means that you can quickly recharge your unit in the car with any existing USB-C Cable. Device lasts around 1 week with moderate use. 

Sleek and Minimal Design

The minimal design and various mounting options available such as vent clips and 3m sticky pads make it easy for you to use the device whichever way works best for you.

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Choose Your Colour

Choose from either a black or white USB rechargeable fragrance unit. Each set contains 6 fragrances, mounting accessories and charging cable.

Fragrances Included

Each set contains 6 specially selected fragrances, pre-packaged in vials that slot right into the unit. Additional refill vials can be purchased seperately.

“I love this device, the car has never smelt so good, I’ve yet to decide which is my favourite scent”.


“Its rare that you find a product that you use and enjoy pretty much every day, this is one of those!”

Aadesh Rathore

“If you love your car, you’ll love this fragrance dispenser, I’ll never buy a car air freshener again!”

Claytone Tsiga

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Ditch the traditional air freshener and keep your car smelling better for longer with the Infuzion AROMA.





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