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The Infuzion Wave is the UK's only Fragrance Infused touch-free hand sanitser unit. It's perfect for both at home and at work, the USB rechargeable unit delivers a gentle mist of sanitiser when your hand is placed above.

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As the availability of key products such as sneeze guards and sanitiser units has begun to dwindle, it’s only right that we do our bit to ease the strain to help the nation’s shops, workplaces and public spaces become safer once again. We’re producing innovative solutions that are made to not only deal with the immediate threat of contamination but to offer a long-term solution that supports a new way of living post-COVID-19, meaning that your investment isn’t lost.

Infuzion WAVE

The Infuzion WAVE is a brand new way to sanitiser your hands at home and at work. An infusion of 70% alcohol hand sanitiser and popular fragrances expertly mixed to create a cleansing solution that kills bacteria is kind on the skin and leaves a long-lasting application of your favourite fragrance. The application is efficient, touch-free and silent, the sensor activated motor within the unit dispenses a gentle mist onto your hand for as long as you hold it there.




Perfume Inspired

Popular designer fragrances and comforting home scents are the inspiration behind the range of 6 specially crafted fragrance sanitiser mixes.


When your hand is above the unit, a gentle mist of the mix is dispensed until your hand is removed, this allows you to quicky ‘wash’ your hands above the device.


With a full charge, the unit will last over 24 hours with very heavy use. In a household, it can be expected to last up to a week before a charge is needed.


Gentle 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Mix

The special fragrance sanitiser formula has been created with 70% isopropyl alcohol which is more gentle on the skin compared to regular sanitiser.
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Choose Your Colour

Choose from either a blue or pink USB rechargeable, motion-activated unit. Each unit comes with a charging cable, spare wicks, and a travel lid.

Choose Your Fragrance

Then choose 200ml of your favourite, fragrance infused hand sanitiser solution made with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

“Seriously love the Wave, a great product, I bought the pink bottle with Simply Noir fragrance. It’s stylish and the aroma is wonderful, I just want to keep on using it”.


“It works really well. I’m sure everyone will give it a ‘Wave’ as they walk in the office. We’ll be the cleanest in the North! Thank you”.

Jason Ostler
Arbor Forest

“This little sanitiser unit is a real game-changer. It’s quick and efficient to use, and smells amazing”.

Paula Davis

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Ditch the bottle of sanitiser and experience a brand-new way to stay clean and safe at home and at work.




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