Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

£26.95 excl VAT

  • Hygienic and Efficient – The touchless infrared activation reduces cross-contamination and the spread of germs, it has been tested to over 10,000 activations without fail.
  • Sleek and Minimal Design – This slimline and minimal unit is designed to fit in any washroom or business environment.
  • Versatile Usage  – The unit comes as standard with a nozzle for dispensing gel and one for dispensing foam sanitiser solution, its simple to interchange and to also refill the solution.
  • Compact & lightweight Design – The unit is compact and designed for space-saving. The lightweight, robust plastic finish makes it the perfect option for hotels, offices, healthcare facilities and even your home!
  • 1ltr capacity, and over 1000 activations before refill.
  • Compatible with Gel, Foam & Liquid (nozzle required)

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