Collection Locker

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Our standard format of collection locker has been designed with builders merchants and trade centres in mind where large orders of tools or supplies need to be collected swiftly and securely. Each of the three lockers contains approximately 100 litres of storage and includes an optional, height-adjustable shelf. However, we appreciate that each business is different and bespoke sizes and configurations are available upon request.

The Ripple Collection Locker features a durable, tamper-proof and weatherproof steel construction, meaning that it can be securely positioned either indoors or outdoors and anchored in place. The lockers are secured with a pin locking system and intuitive three-point bolting lock, designed in house at Ripple.

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    The Ripple Collection Locker makes offering contact-less collection services a reality for all businesses. Without the need for a costly automated system, this collection locker can either be manually opened and the pin reset at the unit using either a master code or physical key, alternatively, it can be controlled using the Remote Allocation System, which is a simple and secure web-based application, meaning that its the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.

    Key Features

    • Designed & Engineered in the UK by Ripple’s Craftsmen 
    • Secure Three-Point Locking System
    • Digital Combination Lock (Pin Code) Manual or Remote Programming (IP65 Rated)
    • Anti-Theft Anchoring Points
    • High-Quality Powder Coating for Exterior Use
    • Adjustable Shelves


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    Why Ripple-Store

    We’re big on our community and proud to support our people, so here at Ripple, we’re committed to standing true to our nature by putting our award-winning British design studios and manufacturing capabilities to work in supporting the fight against COVID-19.

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