Countertop Screen Shields

£59.99£79.99 excl VAT

Our Countertop Sneeze Shields are expertly designed and manufactured on-site, ensuring a premium quality construction with intuitive features such as versatile mounting options that allow the shield to be secured on a range of countertop surfaces, and a flip-able screen which dependant on its orientation either leaves a gap underneath the screen or provides a flush fitting on the surface.

Made from high-quality sheet steel, finished powder coated dark grey with a 3mm high-impact acrylic (or PETG dependant on availability) screen, the Ripple Sneeze Shield is available in a range of sizes to perfectly suit your requirements.


  • Cheaper than the Competition.
  • Durable Acrylic or PETG screen.
  • Unique Sturdy Clamp Mount System.
  • Optional universal flat plate mount.
  • DIY Installation.
  • Available in 600mm, 750mm & 900mm widths.
  • 800mm Height when panel is flush against the counter
  • 905mm Height when panel is flipped, leaving a 105mm gap underneath
  • Flip-able screen to create gap underneath if required.

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